OAO Stroytransgaz is strengthening its positions as engineering and construction company in the Middle East

General Director of Syrian Gas Company Mr. Ali Abbas and President of OAO Stroytransgaz Mr. Victor Lorents signed the contract for the implementation of 36” Arab Gas Pipeline Project.

The gas pipeline with the total length of 324 km will be constructed from the Jordan – Syrian border to the Al Rayan gas collecting station near the city of Homs.

Under the terms of the contract Stroytransgaz will implement the project on EPC terms: engineering, procurement and construction as well as putting into operation.

The project will be completed within 22 months. The contract price is about $160 million.

The project includes the linear part, including 4 scraper launchers and traps, 12 linear valve stations, gas measuring unit.

The employer decided to implement the project in 2 stages.

Construction of the 94 km section till the Deir Ali power plant and erection of the gas measuring station with the capacity of 3.0 million m3 per day are planned for the first stage.

Construction of the gas pipeline and all associated facilities will be completed up to the Al Rayan collecting station in the area of Homs.

The scope of work includes SCADA, telecommunication, detection of gas leakage and fire protection systems, electro-chemical protection, automatic operation and instrumentation.

Stroytransgaz won the tender for the implementation of 36” Arab Gas Pipeline Project in October 2005 having demonstrated the high quality level of the services offered.

The State Syrian Gas Company signed a contract with OAO Stroytransgaz for construction of the gas processing plant and associated facilities and pipelines from the gas fields from the South Area of the Central Region of SAR.

Under the terms of the Contract the Russian company Stroytransgaz undertakes to implement the project on “turn key” basis, that is to carry out engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and start-up of the Project.

The complex of the Gas processing plant will be located 70 km from Palmira, the area, where the biggest hydrocarbon fields in Syria are situated.

The scope of works includes development of well sites and construction of separators for preliminary gas treatment at 3 fields: Abo Rabah, N.Al Faid and Qomqom, as well as construction of gathering pipelines from the wells to the preliminary separators and further on to the gas processing plant, gas and condensate tie-ins from the plant into the existing gas and oil pipelines, racks for off-take of the liquefied gas to tank trucks.

The plant capacity will be of 2,2 bcm/year of purified gas, 23 000 tons/year of liquefied propane-butane and 120 000 tons/year of condensate.

The project will be implemented within 22 months.

The price of the Contract is over US $ 200 million. The Contract was signed as a result of the International Tender for construction of the gas processing plant, announced by the Syrian Gas Company in the spring of 2005. At the last stage of the Tender apart from the Russian Company two more companies were bidding for implementation of the project – Attila Dogan (Turkey) and ABB PS &S (Italian branch).

The winning of OAO Stroytransgaz in the Tender was conditioned by a number of financial, technical and structural benefits of the company. In particular, the Employer pointed out the unique experience of the Russian contractor in development of wells, construction of gas pipelines and other facilities for gathering and transport of gas, a possibility of choosing the most effective technologies for treatment and processing of gas, knowledge of the peculiarities of the local market.

Construction of the gas processing plant of the North and South Middle Area group of fields is a project of national importance for Syria. Signing of the contract for its implementation with the Russian contractor testifies strengthening of OAO Stroytransgaz positions as engineering and construction company in the Middle East.

The information is taken from web-site www.stroytransgaz.ru