Press-conference of Moroccan Ambassador H.E. Abdelkader Lechecheb in Moscow

Press-conference of Moroccan Ambassador H.E. Abdelkader Lechecheb in Moscow

H.E. Abdelkader Lechecheb, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Morocco in Russia, held a press-conference on the 1st of March 2011. It was dedicated to the 10th Anniversary Session of the Russian-Arab Business Council to be held in Casablanca in May 2011. Mr. Lechecheb spoke of strategic nature of the Russian-Moroccan relations, economical and political cooperation between the countries and described how Morocco’s administration reacts to the challenges of modern era and solves social and economical problems of Moroccan society.

The press conference organized by the Russian Agency of international Information RIA Novosti was attended by Tatiana Gvilava, the Director of Russian-Arabic Business Council, and a number of journalists from Russian and Arabic news agencies and media.

According to H.E. A. Lechecheb, Morocco suggested that the 10th session of RABC should be held in Casablanca 23-27th May 2011 in the context of strategic partnership development between Russian and Arab business circles. More than 100 Russian, Arab and Moroccan companies will participate in the session, and its results will help to further develop the economical relations between Russia and the Arab countries.

The participants in the 10th RABC session will discuss a number of key fields of Russian-Arab cooperation (such as industry, agriculture, economic and trade connections, tourism), and also pay their attention to such promising sectors as air and sea transportation, telecommunications and space technologies. According to H.E. A. Lechecheb the development of such cooperation fully meets the aims of Russian and Arabic private sectors.

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary pointed out the importance of the work done by the Russian-Arab Business Council in the development of relations between Russia and Arab countries and underlined the significance of the efforts by H.E. Yevgeny Primakov, a long-time president of the Chamber of Commerce and industry of the Russian Federation, who “founded the RABC and did everything in his power to achieve things we can now be proud of”. Also H.E. Lechecheb underlined the importance of the work done by the Joint Intergovernmental Commission that held its third session in Moscow in June 2010.

Organization matters concerning the 10th RABC session were also touched upon in the speech of Tatiana Gvilava, the Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council. In her speech, she outlined the main results of the previous sessions, which were held in turns in Russia and a number of Arab states and gave details about the event schedule planned for Casablanca. According to Mrs. Gvilava, a small official ceremony is planned, but the body of the session program will consist of bilateral events, business courses and meetings. The agenda will also include the arrival of a Russian business women’s delegation and a special session called the Russian-Arab Women’s Business Dialogue. A number of Russia’s regions is forming their own delegations for the session and the Exhibition of Russian goods and services that will be held along the other events of the business agenda.

In conclusion of her speech T.A.Gvilava specifically pointed out that Royal Air Maroc will be the official air carrier of the 10th RABC session and praised the work of Hassan Sentissi who is actively working on the involvement of Morocco’s ministries and official institutions in the preparation for receiving delegations from Russia and Arab countries. He is also one of the key partners in the organization of the 10th RABC session.