RABC Takes Part in the ‎Palestine Investment Conference

The Palestine Investment ‎Conference “Partners for ‎Change” took place in Bethlehem ‎on May 21-23, 2008. The list of ‎participants included prominent ‎regional and international ‎investors interested in the ‎placement of their capitals on the ‎Palestinian territory, as well as a ‎delegation of the Russian-Arab ‎Business Council headed by Mrs. ‎Tatiana Gvilava, Director of ‎RABC and Advisor to the ‎President of the Chamber of ‎Commerce and Industry of the ‎Russian Federation.

‎‎The participants in the ‎conference emphasized the ‎importance of a number of ‎spheres of international ‎cooperation, such as tourism, ‎agriculture, food products, ‎information technologies, ‎pharmaceutics, artisan crafts, ‎infrastructure development, ‎construction, construction ‎materials, and real estate.‎‎ ‎

The Russian delegation took ‎part in the Forum and held a ‎number of meetings with heads ‎of Palestinian companies ‎interested in the promotion of ‎relations with Russia. The ‎Palestinian side voiced an ‎initiative to create a bilateral ‎business council that would ‎enable realization of Russian-‎Palestinian projects in the field of ‎investment. Thus the Russian ‎side backed by the global ‎support for the Palestinian ‎people would be able to lend ‎effective help to the Palestinians ‎in the process of establishment ‎of the national economy and its ‎efficient work on the basis of ‎market relations and unrestricted ‎competition. In this case the ‎Russian companies participating ‎in this process would also be ‎interested in the feasibility and ‎success of these projects.

‎The initiative for the ‎creation of the bilateral business ‎council was further discussed ‎during the meeting of the ‎President of the Chamber of ‎Commerce and Industry H.E. ‎Yevgeny Primakov and the Head ‎of the Palestinian Non-‎Governmental Organization ‎‎“Palestinian Forum” Mr. Munib ‎R.Masri. The meeting resulted in ‎the decision to create the ‎Russian-Palestinian Business ‎Council (RPBC). The Russian-‎Arab Business Council has ‎started the formation of the ‎Russian part of the RPBC and ‎the choice of its future Chairman.‎