Russian Delegation Discusses Participation in Oil, Gas, and Infrastructure Projects in Algeria

Russian Delegation Discusses Participation in Oil, Gas, and Infrastructure Projects in Algeria

On March 3, 2013 Victor Mazhukin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Algerian Business Council met the Chairman of the Algerian-Russian Business Council Abdelkader Ezzraimi in the capital of Algeria. The meeting and visit of the Russian delegation was organized by the Russian-Algerian Business Council and “Arabia-EXPO” JSC under the auspices of the Russian-Arab Business Council

The participants in the meeting included the Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Algeria Mohammed Chami, Director for International Cooperation of the Chamber Wahiba Behloul, Trade representative of Russia in Algeria Alexey Shatilov, executives and representatives of a number of Russian companies including “Uralvagonzavod”, Non-Commercial Partnership of Railway Car Builders, “Chtz-Uraltrak”, “Saratovenergomashcomplekt”, “TD Velan”, “Geofizika”, etc. A number of Algerian companies, newspapers and media also took part in the event.

In his speech, Abdelkader Ezzraimi noted that the visit of the Russian delegation headed by the Co-chairman of the Russian-Algerian Business Council was very important and would contribute to the development of bilateral ties, offering a convenient atmosphere for networking, continuation of work on projects in various fields, ultimately leading to prosperity of our countries. According to Mr. Ezzraimi, Russian companies could benefit from their Algerian partners’ experience in setting up and developing businesses in the country, while Algerian companies and organizations are interested in technology exchange and implementation of Russian solutions in industry, agriculture, mechanical engineering and other sectors.

Talking about current affairs of Algeria, Mr. Ezzraimi told the participants in the meeting about the course the national government had taken in order to diversify the country’s economy and increase exports. Full-scale modernization projects were launched in different areas including infrastructure, railways, road and air transportation, as well as agriculture, civil construction, environment protection, etc. Success of these projects is leading to the economic recovery, increase of employment levels, development of internal markets and growth of GDP. The private sector was also seeing active development, and private-public partnerships were being put into place.

Mr. Ezzraimi confirmed that Algeria was ready to work with partners in Russia, trade and economic relations had always been supported by the political leadership. He suggested that the members of the Russian delegation should benefit from the favorable economic atmosphere in the country in order to develop partnership relations with their Algerian counterparts and implement bilateral projects.

In his turn, Victor Mazhukin, Deputy Chairman of the Russian-Algerian Business Council voiced gratitude for the Algerian side for its hospitality and noted that Russian companies had enough experience, potential and opportunities in order to take part in large-scale modernization of the Algerian economy. According to Mr. Mazhukin, success in bilateral cooperation is founded on the “common past” of our two countries – meaning the rich history of cooperation between Algeria and the USSR in the 20th century. The mutual trust and understanding that exist because of this history mean that “we would be capable of a successful business together”, Mazhukin added.

Mr. Mazhukin took the opportunity to thank the Algerian side for participation in the meeting and wished the Russian delegation fruitful work during the schedule of the visit.

The meeting was featured in reports published in Algerian official media.

The meeting resulted in decision by both Russian and Algerian parties to outline a road map for future actions.

Members of the Russian delegation were received by executives and top-managers of Sonelgaz, a key government owned corporation in Algeria. The meeting was dedicated to the presentation of Sonelgaz, its structure, and prospects of cooperation with Russian companies in the implementation of government funded projects.

Representatives of Russian business circles also met with executives of Sonatrach, a fully integrated oil company, and used this opportunity to discuss opportunities available for foreign companies wishing to enter Algerian oil markets or take part in the sector development programs. Russian representatives were met by Vice President Yamina Hamdi, Head of Department of Taxes, Law, and International Activity Brahim Khaled, Executive Director Akli Remini, Chief Engineer Hamid Belhaj, and other specialists.

Both meetings resulted in the decision to develop a package of offers for Russian companies willing to take part in the government funded programs for the development of national economy and participate in open tenders in Algeria.