Russian-Emirati Business Council Chooses New Chairman

Russian-Emirati Business Council Chooses New Chairman

In the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) of Russia, a coordination session of the Russian-Emirati Business Council (REBC) was held. The main order of business was the selection of the chairman of the business council.

In the opening remarks, the Vice President of CCI Russia, George Petrov, shortly characterized the state of the trade and economic cooperation between Russia and the UAE. He also evaluated the cooperation of business circles of the two countries. He pointed out the significant potential to develop a large variety of bilateral business relationships. In the remarks, it was highlighted that there are more opportunities for Russian businesses in the investment sector. George Petrov wished for the Business Council to benefit from the favorable business conditions in the UAE in the interest of the Russian economy.

At the session there were several other speakers, including the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of the UAE in Russia, Omar Saif Gobash, the director of the Department of Extrabudgetary Investment projects of the Ministry of Regional Development, Marina Shilkina, the second secretary of the Department of the Middle East and North Africa of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Anton Katalin, the General Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council, Stanislav Yankovets, and the Executive Director of the Russian investment agency “Invest in Russia,” Yuri Voitsekhovski.

The speakers informed the participants of the session of the mechanisms and instruments that are involved in the Russian-Emirati trade and economic cooperation, which can be used by the council in its work.

During the session, Arsen Kanokov, a member of the Federal Council, who is the vice-chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Council of the Federation, was unanimously chosen as the new chairman of REBC. In his speech, the newly chosen chairman of REBC outlined his vision for confronting problems facing the business council, introduced a series of proposals including the viability of renewing the member base, and forming a list of future projects for trade and economic cooperation with the UAE.

Source: CCI of Russia, RABC