The Minister of Agriculture of Jordan Meets Russian Business Circles in Moscow

The Minister of Agriculture of Jordan Meets Russian Business Circles in Moscow

Samir Al-Habashneh, the Minister of Agriculture of Jordan discussed bilateral cooperation between Russian and Jordanian business circles during a meeting organized by the Russian-Arab Business Council and held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia on June 14, 2011.

During the event, the development of bilateral commercial and economic cooperation was discussed with a special emphasis on the agricultural sector.

The representatives of Jordan underlined the need for tax reduction for exporters of Jordanian agricultural products to Russia. Moreover, the participants discussed the construction of a new grain terminal in Aqaba, a strategically important project that had been negotiated by the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev and HRH King of Jordan Abdullah II during their latest meeting.

jordmeeting2.jpgMr. Al-Habashneh further expressed keen interest in organizing deliveries of Russian agricultural machinery and equipment to Jordan and in this regard proposed to use the fairgrounds of the Institute of Agricultural Research (of Jordan’s Ministry of Agriculture) to demonstrate sample agricultural machines produced in Russia to interested Jordanian farmers.

The minister’s speech was followed by the Jordanian delegates who presented a variety of dates cultivated only in four countries of the world, including Jordan, and distinguished by their unique taste. They also appealed to the representatives of Russian business circles to import ecologically clean and high-quality olives and olive oil produced in the Kingdom. During the event the Russian and Jordanian participants made presentations of their companies and interests.

Mr. Al-Habashneh encouraged Russian companies to establish bilateral contacts with interested Jordanian economic operators and expressed confidence that the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation fully corresponds to the interests of both countries.