The opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2018 was held at the «Luzhniki Stadium». After the performances ended, the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 between the Russian and Saudi Arabian national teams has begun.

The tournament was officially opened by the Russian President Vladimir Putin and the President of FIFA Gianni Infantino.

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"I congratulate you, the big, multinational, friendly, world football family with the start of the main tournament of the planet. This grandiose sports event is being held in Russia for the first time, and we are sincerely happy about it. We responsibly prepared to host this grandiose event and did our best so that the fans, sportsmen, and specialists could immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the magnificent football festival, and, of course, enjoyed the stay in Russia, have found new friends here, new like-minded people. We, devoted admirers of soccer without any exaggeration, billions of people on the planet. And wherever we live, whatever traditions we follow, we all are united by the love of football in one team - united by our love for this spectacular, bright, uncompromising game. That's why all the members of this team understand and feel each other well. In this unity, over which neither differences in languages, nor in ideologies, nor in faith are dominated, the great power of football, of sport in general lies. I wish all the teams success, and fans - an unforgettable experience. Welcome to Russia!", said Vladimir Putin.

The President of FIFA Gianni Infantino addressed the stands of the Luzhniki in Russian.

"Starting today, and within a month, football will conquer Russia, and then the whole world. Enjoy the biggest holiday in the world. Thank you, President Putin. Thank you, Moscow! ", He said.

Among the guests of honor at this match was the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman.

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Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council, President of the All-Russian Public Organization "Women of Business" Tatyana Gvilava also visited the opening match of the FIFA World Cup 2018 between the national teams of Russia and Saudi Arabia.

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Opening of the 2018 World Cup was different from previous ceremonies. It was as close as possible to the beginning of the first match of the World Cup. Unchanged is that the show was dedicated to two things: football and the representation of the host country of the tournament.

The English singer Robbie Williams and the soloist of the Vienna Opera Aida Garifulinna were performed at the «Luzhniki stadium». Football part of the ceremony was performed by former Brazilian striker and two-time world champion Ronaldo.

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Russia for the first time in history takes the World Cup. It will be held from June 14 to July 15. 32 teams will compete for the title of the winner, and 64 World Championship matches will be held at stadiums in Moscow, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Volgograd, Kazan, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Saransk, Rostov-on-Don, Sochi and Ekaterinburg.

In the opening match of the FIFA World Cup - 2018 the Russian team met with the team of Saudi Arabia. The meeting took place at the stadium "Luzhniki" in Moscow and ended with a confident victory of the hosts with a score of 5: 0.

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In total, 17 foreign countries visited the opening match.