TV Channel “Rusiya Al-Yaum” Takes Part in the Russian-Emirati Business Forum

The Russian-Emirati Business Forum organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (CCI), the Russian-Arab Business Council (RABC) and the Federation of UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry will take place in Abu Dhabi on September, 10, 2007. Representatives of the business circles of both countries interested in the entrance to the Russian and Emirati markets will take part in the Forum. The list of the Russian participants in the Forum includes ANO “TV Novosti” headed by its Director General Mr. Sergey Frolov.

Within the framework of the Business Forum Sergey Frolov will deliver a presentation of the new Arabic channel “Rusiya Al-Yaum”. He will speak about the peculiarities of the channel, its broadcasting policy and its plans to become popular in the Arab world.

According to the political and business elite of the Arab countries and Russia the launch of “Rusiya Al-Yaum” will play an important role in deepening the rapport between Russia and the Arab East and promote their relations in the political, economic and cultural spheres.

Russia’s more active external policy in the Middle East and growing interest to Russia in the Arab countries should be accompanied by the active information policy which is to provide the objective and detailed informing of the Arab audience about the Russian viewpoint on the international problems and events in Russia and other countries. That is the function of “Rusiya Al-Yaum”.

 Besides highlighting international news, “Rusiya Al-Yaum” provides detailed information about the political, socioeconomic and cultural life of modern Russia, paying special attention to the events dealing with the Russian-Arab relations.

In Sergey Frolov’s opinion, the management of ANO “TV Novosti” wants “Rusiya Al-Yaum” to be a qualitative media product highlighting events objectively which viewers and newsmakers will trust.

The work at “Rusiya Al-Yaum” began in February, 2006 right after the successful start of its English counterpart “Russia today” in December, 2005. The test of the first Russian channel in Arabic began on May, 4, 2007, and soon started broadcasting in full. At the moment people from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe have open access to the satellite signal of the channel. The potential audience of the channel is 350 million people. Besides, the channel can be watched on the Internet all over the world.

The channel staff includes experienced Russian and Arab journalists, Russian arabists and orientalists. Today that multinational team consists of more than 500 employees including natives of Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon, Mauritania, Morocco, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, Oman and other countries. The channel has correspondents in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Egypt, Israel, Great Britain and the USA. The channel plans to get its own exclusive materials from Syria, Jordan and Iraq in the near future.

The summary of “Rusiya Al-Yaum”

“Rusiya Al-Yaum” is a Russian, non-governmental satellite news channel which started broadcasting in May, 2007. The channel works 20 hours a day, seven days a week (from 3.00 GMT to 23.00 GMT). The channel broadcasts its programmes from Moscow through the satellites “BADR 4”, “NILESAT 103” and “HOT BIRD 6”. People from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe have open access to the satellite signal of the channel. The channel broadcasts on the Internet from the website WWW.RTARABIC.COM, it’s accessible to Internet users all over the world.