The leading Russian company operating under the Russian-Arab Business Council.

The leading Russian company operating under the Russian-Arab Business Council.

  • Arabia-Expo focuses on arranging and holding exhibitions, forums, conferences and business meetings.
  • The company is designed to foster, strengthen and enhance trade and economic relations between Russia and the Arab states.

The high-ranking Russian officials


«It is difficult to overestimate the contribution to common efforts of the Russian-Arab Business Council, which became one of the key mechanisms of fostering trade and investment cooperation between Russia and the Arab world during the years of its fruitful activity. I’d like to emphasize the role of Arabia-Expo Exhibition, which has already become a good tradition. It is an effective and essential platform unifying interested representatives of authorities and business community and designed to provide an enabling environment.»

Sergey Lavrov

Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation


«It is difficult to overestimate the significance of the RABC and Arabia-Expo Exhibition. Due to this activity, international events are being designed, current issues relating to cooperation between Russia and the Middle East are being verified, friendly interstate relations are improving. Our collaboration is steadily growing. In particular, in 2018 turnover between Russia and the Arab states increased by 8% and was equal to almost $22 bln. The Russian companies along with the Arab partners are implementing more than 400 investment and export projects to the value of $40 bln. I believe that our cooperation becomes increasingly viable.»

Alexander Novak

Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation


«Since its establishment in 2003, the Russian-Arab Business Council gained a reputation as an essential mechanism for networking and extension of contacts between representatives of business communities in Russia and the Arab world, coordinating activities of economic entities and supporting them for adjustment and execution of numerous commercial projects.»

Mikhail Bogdanov

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa


«The main value and merit of the RABC aim to create trusting business environment, establish and maintain friendly relations. The objective of business is to apply these contacts so as mutual respect and confidence are evolving into the whole new level of economic relations. Beneficial communication on the sidelines of numerous activities regularly held under the auspices of both the Russian and the Arab units of the Council is resulting in new import and export transactions, new investment contracts, and joint ventures.»

Vladimir Evtushenkov

Chairman of the Russian-Arab Business Council, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sistema PJSFC


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With over 10 years’ experience in the market

Over 1,500 cooperation agreements were signed since the establishment of the Russian-Arab Business Council in 2003 and Arabia-Expo LLC in 2008.


Affiliates in the Arab region

Arabia-Expo LLC established the subsidiaries in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


Presence in 20 Arab states

Arabia-Expo LLC interacts with the Arab-Russian Business Councils and the Chambers of Commerce and Industry in all Arab states.


Arrangement of the very first Arab exhibition in Moscow

In 2008 Arabia-Expo LLC with the support of the Russian-Arab Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation co-hosted on the Russian side the very first Arab exhibition «Arabia-EXPO» in Moscow.


120,000 companies in the Middle East and North Africa

The wide network of contacts comprises key authorities and business entities both in Russia and in the Arab states.