24.05.2011 г. - CASABLANCA, MOROCCO

The Tenth Anniversary Session of the Russian-Arab Business Council was held on May 24th, 2011 in Casablanca, Kingdom of Morocco, under the patronage of Abdel Latif Maazouz, the Minister of Foreign Trade of Morocco at the invitation of the Confederation of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services of the Kingdom and the Moroccan-Russian Business Council with the direct participation of members of the Russian and Arab RABC Departments.

Hasan Santissi, the Chairman of the Moroccan-Russian Business Council, а famous entrepreneur in the North Africa, became the organizer of the host side.

Idris Huat, the President of the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of the Kingdom of Morocco, in the name of the General President of the Arab Chambers, headed the Arab Department of the Council within the framework of the session.

Within the business program, a plenary session was held with the participation of the delegations of Russia, Morocco, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria, and Saudi Arabia, the round table meetings were held on construction and infrastructure projects, trade and tourism services, investments, as well as on the food and fish industries.

A specific meeting was organized on the issues of cooperation in the fuel and energy sector. Topical issues on the bilateral agenda were discussed during the Russian-Saudi and the Russian-Moroccan Business Councils. The permanent platform for bilateral negotiations conducting became the exhibition of Russian goods and services, that was attended by all participants of the event.

Five round tables took place within the session:

  1. The cooperation prospects among Russia and the Arab countries in the spheres of infrastructure projects implementation, building materials and technologies, and the tourism infrastructure development.
  2. The cooperation prospects in the fields of trade and services (tourism, banks, investments).
  3. The cooperation prospects in the spheres of agriculture, food industry, and fisheries.
  4. The cooperation prospects in the fields of engineering and transport.
  5. Development prospects in the fuel and energy complex.

Following the session, the Russian and the Arab sides came to a unified conclusion, pointing out the importance of increasing the efficiency of using the opportunities and numerous resources in the Arab and the Russian sides interests, that would enhance the exchange of investments and goods.

The parties also expressed confidence that civilizational and cultural ties between the parties were a bridge that shortened distances and strengthened relations between the parties.

The panelists congratulated the Russian-Arab Business Council on their Tenth Anniversary, noting the role that the RABC had played since its founding and continued to play in strengthening and developing joint relations.