A Russian company exports the first shipment of halal poultry meat to Saudi Arabia

The group, which is the largest producer of meat in Russia, said in a statement published on its website that it had succeeded in entering an important export market, as it began supplying poultry meat to Saudi Arabia.

According to the group, the products were shipped from its poultry farm located in Penza province, about 650 km from the Russian capital, Moscow.

The shipment contains bone-free poultry meat, and this type of meat has a stable demand from meat manufacturers and catering establishments in the Kingdom.

The company indicated that the shipment was shipped by sea to the Saudi port of Jeddah, and after completing all necessary customs clearance procedures, it will be distributed in the local market in Saudi Arabia.

The representative of the group confirmed to RT that the exported shipment of halal meat conforms to the teachings of the Islamic religion, indicating that this shipment is experimental, expressing his hope to increase the number of shipments during the next year.

The Russian group developed halal products under the Dajajti brand for export to Muslim countries, including to Saudi Arabia, where one of the primary requirements for supplies is compliance with the norms of the Islamic tradition.

Three poultry farms of the group were approved for the production of poultry meat according to the halal standard, which was approved by a standard center affiliated to the Russian Council of Muftis.

In 2018, the Russian Group obtained the ESMA (UAE Standards Office) certification, which gives the group the right to sell halal products in the Gulf countries.

Source: https://www.saudi24news.com/2020/10/a-russian-company-exports-the-first-shipment-of-halal-poultry-meat-to-saudi-arabia.html

Image credit: RT Arabic.