Tatiana Gvilava, Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council and CEO of Arabia-Expo, and Georgy Gvilava, Deputy CEO of Arabia-Expo and CEO of Arabia-Expo Capital, participated in the Think20 (T20)

To create an inclusive and participatory G20 process, the G20 leaders commit to receiving the recommendations of the global civil society organizations, which are organized into engagement groups. Among these engagement groups is the Think20 (T20), which is responsible for connecting and collaborating with regional and international think tanks.

The T20 is an engagement group that contributes to the G20 by:
1. Serving as the 'ideas bank' of the G20;
2. Providing research-based policy recommendations to the G20;
3. Facilitating interactions between the G20 and the think-tank and research community;
4. Communicating with the broader public about issues of global importance.

This Communiqué is the result of a year of intense collaboration, the substance of which we have concentrated into 32 actionable policy proposals. The proposals provide solutions to the most pressing challenges facing countries today and are guided by T20 Saudi Arabia’s vision of striving for a future of prosperity, sustainability and inclusion: