The press-conference “Russian-Arab business and economic relations: present situation” took place in the press-center of Russian CCI

Moscow, 24. 06. 2004

The press-conference “Russian-Arab business and economic relations: present situation” took place in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation. This press-conference was devoted to the Second Joint Meeting of Russian-Arab Business Council and First Russian-Arab Industrial Exhibition which are to be held in Moscow, 28-30 June.

President of Russian Federation’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Primakov said, that General Union of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture for Arab countries and Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russian Federation agreed to hold the Second Joint Meeting of Russian-Arab Business Council on the 28-29 of June, 2004 in the International Trade Center in Moscow.

Despite the fact, that the Council is very young, it has proved itself already as a very active participant in Russian-Arab relations. Some business meetings have already showed the results, and multilateral negotiations are holding all the time.

As Mr. Primakov said, Russian-Arab relations are now “on the rise”. In Mr. Primakov’s opinion, Russian policy towards the Arab countries, rising inclination of Arab public opinion towards Russia and historical links favor this “rise”. But today these relations are on the new stage. Mr. Primakov underlined: “It is possible to talk about mutual interest. The present Russian-Arab relations are not directed against any country, they are deprave of ideology”.

Mr. Evtushenkov mentioned in his speech, that Russian-Arab Business Council that was opened a year before shifted from the declaration stage to the working channel. He said: “We are content that the positions of Russian and Arab businessmen are drawing nearer. Today we are creating the sphere where the business associations will feel comfortably and this will help to bring into the life mutually beneficial projects in the different spheres of economics and to extend investment and trade exchange”.

Director of the RABC Tatyana Gvilava noticed that after the First Joint Meeting the RABC took part in the Second Russian Exhibition “Russian Days in Amman – RUSSIAN–EXPO–2004” and in Russian-Egyptian Business Forum that was held in Russian Federation’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The RABC has also organized the Russian-Arab Banking Forum “Banks and Investments” held in Beirut in May, 2004 under the patronage of Prime-minister of Lebanon Rafik Hariri. The Russian and Lebanese sides reached an agreement to sign the bilateral committee agreement in the nearest future. The delegation of the Ministry of Transport and the Main Department of the Railway of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia visited Moscow. Other meetings and joint arrangements are discussing at the moment.

Head of the representatives of the League of Arab States in Russian Federation Mr. Said Al Barami noticed that Arab countries are very interested in the cooperation with Russia. The cooperation is possible in such spheres as petroleum, gas, transport, industry, bank investments, services, tourism. Mr. Said Al Barami sees the perspectives of the experience and technology exchange.

Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Sual-Holding” Mr. Vekselberg said that the company is successfully developing its relations with Arab countries in the metallurgy sphere and expects to extend the export of the aluminum. “Sual” is expected to take part in the building of several new metallurgical objects, also the possibility of creating of joint petroleum and gas projects is exploring. Mr. Vekselberg characterized the Arabian market as capacious and expressed his hope to increase the company presence in it.