Yemeni President Meets Russian CCI

Yemeni President Meets Russian CCI On April 3 Abd Rabbou Mansour Hadi, President of the Yemeni Republic, visited Moscow. His visit included a meeting with Sergey Katyrin, President of the Russian CCI, and its members, including Ms Tatiana Gvilava, Director of the Russian-Arab Business Council. The main issue discussed at the meeting was search for ways of strengthening the trade and economic ties existing between the two countries.

The Yemeni President thanked the Russian Federation for the help and support it provides for his country in the hard times of crisis and pointed out the necessity of developing the existing historical relations that have existed between Russia and Yemen for tens of years.

Mr Mansour Hadi said that Yemen is very enthusiastic about cooperating with Russia in all spheres possible, and especially in such areas as oil production, fish industry, railway construction, and power generation. He also pointed out the importance of stimulating the interest in the Russian business among Yemeni entrepreneurs and opening all possible channels of cooperation between Russian and Yemeni business circles.

Mr Sergey Katyrin, in his turn, welcomed the Yemeni President and confirmed that Yemen is among Russia’s strategic partners in the Arab regions. He underlined the historical nature of the relations between the two countries and the necessity to find new ways of strengthening the existing ties in the light of the all-embracing changes that are happening now in Yemen.

The meeting also included a presentation of the Third International Exhibition “Arabia-EXPO” and the 11th Session of the RABC, delivered by Ms Tatiana Gvilava. She noted that Yemen had not yet been represented at the previous editions of the Exhibition, however this year’s participation will be very useful for establishing new ties between Russian and Yemeni entrepreneurs and companies.

Ms Gvilava also suggested holding a meeting of the Russian-Yemeni Business Council within the framework of the 11th Session of the RABC and appealed for making efforts for the sake of strengthening the trade and economic ties existing between the two countries.

According to the “Rusiya Al Yawm” TV channel, Mr Abu Bakr Al Qirbi, the Yemeni Minister of Foreign Affairs, announced at a press conference on April 3 that his country was to be visited by a big delegation of representatives of Russian oil and gas companies. He also underlined the experience Russia has in this sphere and expressed his hope for realization of the agreements already settled.